The 3 Longest Running Talk Shows OF All Time

We’ve all seen a lot of talk show over the years, but most of it doesn’t seem to last. There has been a few who got lucky and experienced fame for quite a long time. Let’s check out the longest running talk shows of all time. It’s kind of cool to reminisce on some old shows that we have all enjoyed.

1. Larry King Live


The host of the longest running show of all time is none other than Larry King himself. The show had a total of 6,120 episodes from the year when it was first aired way back 1985.It has been on the air for more than two decades until it finally signed off in the year 2010. It’s not surprising if the show lasted that long. There has been over a million viewers every night whenever the show was on the air.

2. The Oprah Winfrey Show


The show was born only a year after the Larry King Live started. It comes in second place with a total of twenty-five seasons in all for 4561 episodes. The host and the producer of the show were none other than Oprah herself. The edge of this show over the others was that it just didn’t entertain the viewers, but she also provided inspiration to millions of people.

3. The Tonight Show Starring


The tv show had a total of 4531 episodes for three decades. It was a very entertaining show, and that was the reason why it is included on the Greatest Shows of All Time. A monolog with an added ingredient of comedy was the specialty of the show. The tv shows invited top ranking politicians such as previous presidents of the United States. No wonder it was able to exceed the target audience that they expected.
The tv shows produced back in the old days had the unique charisma to the public, and that is the essential ingredient of their success.

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