The 4 Highest Paid TV Show Hosts For 2016

We all have our favorite tv shows. Behind those great shows are the talented hosts. We all have our pick on who is the best host, but I want to share a little secret with you. Let’s reveal the highest paid hosts for tv shows for the year 2016. Get ready and be amazed on how much your favorite hosts are worth.

1. David Letterman

He is worth $28 million dollars and please don’t act surprised. We all know that he is one the best if not the best host America ever had. A little trivia about David Letterman is that his journey to fame was not a walk in the park. He experienced to be a school commentator and a climate forecaster.

2. Jay Leno


He wasn’t the original host of the show. He was given the most significant break from his life when Johnny Carson resigned, and he took over. The public accepted him and achieved popularity in front of the camera. He is a man worth $24 million dollars every year. Just imagine how many millions he already has in the bag.

3. Jon Stewart

He is also one of the top contenders when it comes to the highest paid tv show hosts, earning $14 million every year. He gained the respect of the people. He is a man who experienced struggles from the start of his career but everything is worth it with what he achieved over the years.

4. Craig Ferguson


The man who is not just a tv host but also a musician. He is earning $12.7 million annually. He was into stand-up comedy before he eventually became a television talk show host. There had been a lot of trials that he went through before he became the man he is today.

We all have dreams, and we are in charge to make it come true. We don’t know what the future will bring us and we can be the next person given a big break of our lives.



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