The 4 Most Memorable Guest Appearances On Talk Shows

All of us have watched a lot of shows on the tv. With all the things that we’ve seen, there are some appearances that we can’t forget no matter how much time passes by. Let me share the most memorable guest appearances on different talk shows that we can never forget. I hope you are ready because some of these are very fascinating.

1. Robin Williams


He appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson way back 1981. He brought in the energy to make the crowd enjoy a hilarious episode. He was able to dodge the predictable questions using his great sense of humor.

2. Russell Brand

His appearance on Morning Joe was exceptional. He is one of those stars that are gifted with a great sense of humor without exerting too much effort. We all know how funny and witty Russell Brand is. You don’t expect him to abide the rules instructed by the show that quickly. As expected, he was himself on that appearance and millions of viewers enjoyed the show.

3. Harrison Ford


He was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live dated 2013. If you will look at him, he carries this grumpy aura that would make you think he is serious all the time. On the show, the topic about Star Wars was brought up. Everyone was expecting him to make the answer short then move one to the next question. Unexpected happened, and he reveals the behind the scenes information from him and Chewbacca.

4. Tom Cruise


He was a guest on Oprah in the year 2005. He is a man that is well-respected that even paparazzi don’t have a thing on him. Imagine twenty years of no intrigues and scandals. He has been living on a cloud nine until he became a guest in Oprah unraveling some hilarious facts that happened years ago.

The guest also plays a significant role in getting the attention of the viewers. You keep them entertained, and your show can be on the air for a long time.

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