7 Health and Fitness TV Shows You Can’t Miss

There now forms a stronger movement to be and stay healthy. People are now becoming more aware and careful of their physiques, causing better fitness gadgets and newest health supplements to emerge and for TV stations to take action.

The new awareness has created fitness and weight loss reality shows, though the TV industry has been producing similar programs ever since. We have now transitioned from the instructional programs that were either too easy or too distracting that we can’t seem to follow to shows featuring other people’s struggle to become a healthier version of themselves.

These shows may not teach us how to do the exercises ourselves, but more than the instruction, we receive inspiration as these TV programs emotionally sell to us. Here are seven fitness programs I recommend.

1. The Biggest Loser

This show has made created a different of fitness TV reality ever since its debut in 2004. The audience has responded positively to the program making it last twelve seasons and counting in the United States, and producing international spin-offs in various countries across the planet. True enough, The Biggest Loser is a health and wellness stimulus on TV.

For the interest of those who haven’t watched any of its seasons, The Biggest Loser is a game show where participants are required to compete among teams and themselves by shedding off their excess, fighting temptations, cravings, drama, and their physical weaknesses. Whoever loses the most weight is, of course, hailed as The Biggest Loser.

2. Strong

Showcasing ten teams of handsome personal trainers and overweight female contestants competing for up to half a million in cash prize, Strong is another fitness challenge show from NBC with Sylvester Stallone as its executive producer. Aside from how the partners work hand-in-hand each episode making the ladies lose weight, the show receives intrigues after being co-produced by The Biggest Loser’s creator, Dave Broome.

What makes the show unique among the other weight loss reality programs is having the personal trainers compete along with their trainee against the other pairs to avoid getting eliminated at the end of every week.

3. My Diet Is Better Than Yours

This reality TV show, packed with a variety of healthy diet tips to help both viewers and competitors lose weight, is a must-watch for every household. Instead of doing intense and strenuous weight lifting exercises, the producers of the show switched to focus more on making healthier food choices.

MDIBTY contestants are the ones given the unique opportunity to judge and eliminate trainers who fail to meet their expectations regarding losing weight with their diet plan.

4. Fit to Fat to Fit

With required physical transformation from both the personal trainer and trainee, this show presents how dedicated a coach could be in helping his student trim down weight. The coaches of this show sign up to lose their well invested perfect body and gain extra pounds that spark the intensity of the series.

The producers of this show succeed in presenting the adverse effects, and mental changes of the trainers as the cameras are turned to their side to watch their undesired transformation. Together, both sides of the challenge win against being overweight by working out simultaneously in a drama-filled journey to getting in shape.

5. Fat Chance

TLC’s Fat Chance brings weight loss to a different level, and probably motives. The show focuses on the individual journeys of 8 participants in a three-month dedicated period of exercise and diet. They are paired with a trainer to help focus their commitment to shed off their extra pounds.

At the end of the program, they will be confessing their feelings to someone whom they have admired for a long time and yet had not had the courage to do so because of their physical inhibitions.

6. Extreme Weight Loss

Trainers and real-life couple, Chris and Heidi Powell, help reality show contestants achieve their weight loss goals if they ever imagined them possible before joining the show.

The participants get an intervention, go through a journey, and change their lives for the better. The show aims to correct the contestants’ issues on their physiques and weights in the span of a year.

7. Christian Fitness

This TV show takes fitness and Scriptures to an entirely different level. Lose weight with prayer, relaxing music, and healthy diet. This program aims to make Christians realize that maintaining a fit body can also be based and centered on faith.

These shows are worth your time and sparks inspiration.…

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